How to get an animation inside a fbx file to loop?

I have gotten a model and imported the fbx into Unity. The model comes with some preset animations such as running, etc. Unity reads the fbx file is able to recognise the animations as Animation components that I can drag to the model and have it played. But the problem is I cannot make the animation loop.

Because the animation is part of the fbx, selecting on the animation doesn’t allow me to change the wrap mode.

alt text

In case the screen grab above isn’t obvious, the options for the run animation are greyed out. I cannot change the options to get it loop.

How can I get an animation which came with a fbx model to loop? If I need to script to get it loop, how should I do so?

Take a look at the model’s FBX import settings. You should be able to set each animations Wrap mode in the import settings.