How to get another model to intersect with another?

I’m basically stumped. I have a key and a lock model (both are separate models). What I am trying to do is that when you touch the key it flips up in to the lock to unlock the door. Or if it would be easier I could have the player character hold the key and put it in to the lock. What I am stumped about is how would I accomplish this. I have code for when the models touch each other it goes to the next scene.

The part that is stumping me is getting the key in to the lock. Would there have to be an animation? Can this be done with code? I’m using legacy animating instead of mecanim… Would I have to use Mecanim?

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

You could do what I do for placing doors.

Create an empty node on the model with a well known name like _key_connect.
Connect the key to it.
Then move the node to the right place for the key to be
in the lock the way you want.
Finally remove the key and export the model.

At run time, when you want the key in the lock, parent the key to the _key_connect node.