How to get ARGB values from Texture object?

I have a simple 2-triangle mesh (a quad) which I’m applying a texture to. Basically a sprite. I’m still using Unity 3.5.7.

Attached to this mesh object is a script. In the script, I want to access


The Type of the object sitting at this property is “UnityEngine.Texture”.

I want to get all of the pixels in this Texture as a flattened (or 2d) array of ARGB values. I do not need single-pixel access, but rather access with a method like “GetPixels32()”. However, the Texture class doesn’t have such a method, the Texture2d class does.

An overriding requirement for this project is that I must minimize package size (mobile app), so I am very hopeful I don’t have to enable “read/write” on the texture.

My current solution, which is unacceptable, is that I have one texture tied to the material that shows up in the GUI/Editor, and a second (possibly different) texture assigned to a Texture2d Property on the script. That second texture has “read/write” enabled. This is functionally accurate, but is horrible design (2 textures for the one purpose) and requires extra memory (for read/write enabled)

Does someone with deep Unity knowledge have a solution that would (a) allow me to leave “read/write enabled” OFF AND allow me to get all pixels in a Texture (not a Texture2d) as a flattened array of ARGB values?

Thank you so much for any help you may be able to offer!

Just cast renderer.material.mainTexture to Texture2D. You do need read/write enabled…if you want to read a texture, there’s obviously no alternative. But there’s no reason to use two textures.