How to get axis rotation as a linear rise from 0 to 1?

So i want to get an angle for a specific axis to determent how much torque i would apply to an object.

float appliedForce = force + increase * maxAdditiveForce;

“Increase” here is a value ranging from 0 to 1. It represents how much an object is rotated on a single axis. I want to have separate “Increase” values for X and Z axis. The problems is that i have no idea how to work with quaternion or eulerangles.

So i want my “increase” value to be 0 at 0 angle, 0.5 at 90 angle and 1 at 180 angle. The problem is that eulerAngles have the same value with 0 and 180 angle which is 0. Is there a simple solution to getting an angle?

Yes there is, you use percentages. You can do this with anything just by dividing the value by the maximum, if you times by 100 it will be 0-100, but if you skip that it will be a value between 0 and 1, which is what you want.


Pay attention in math class!