How to get different little light beams around object ?

Hi everybody,

I am not a beginner with Unity but also definitively not an expert. I am here to ask you if you have some tips, ideas, or maybe solutions to achieve this kid of particle effect (source : SAO)

I’m currently working with Unity 5, and I already tried to use bloom image effect on the camera, but that’s not exactly what I want because it apply the effect to all the frame.
And, about light beams around shapes, I don’t really know where to begin :frowning:

All answers will be nice and appreciated
Thanks !

It’s hard to tell me exactly how you want those light beams to behave, but have you tried lens flares? Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

Okay, the lens flares are quite good on rendering, but they kill my framerate :confused:
I get 25 fps instead of 70 but I have no graphic card, I’ll test lens flares on a cg later.