How to get Directional Light Shadows to render through an Orthographic Camera?

In the quality settings, there is a parameter for the distance at which to render shadows. Anything greater than this distance is ignored.

When using an Orthographic camera, the camera itself can be really far away but really zoomed in using Camera.orthographicSize. In my current set up, this means I get NO shadows what so ever, as the camera physically exists too far away, despite the Camera.orthographicSize being set to such a level that only one item fills the screen.

It works fine when I use a perspective camera, as the zooming on that is done via simply moving the camera along its forward.

Am I missing something obvious here? Do I just need to position the orthographic camera much closer? Won’t that then still behave oddly when zoomed out though (shadows render on objects in a radius around the camera’s position, rather than the distance of the actual rendered view).

According to Unity, shadows don’t work in Orthographic cameras.