How to get FPS reading from profiller scripting api in 2017.4.1 version of unity

In 2017.1.1 version if we want to get readings of FramePerSecond for any unity application using unity profiler we used:-
// write FPS to “profilerLog.txt”
Profiler.logFile = Application.persistentDataPath + “/profilerLog.txt”;
// write Profiler Data to “”
Profiler.enableBinaryLog = true;
Profiler.enabled = true;

The above code will generate two files 1 is profilerLog.txt which contains frame per second information and other one is which will contains other profiling information.

But when I tried this on 2017.4.1 version a raw file is generated I tried to open with unity profiler a blank line was appeared and nothing more than that.

Can anyone suggest me how to take FPS reading in unity 2017.4.1 version.

Using the profiler probably isn’t the best way of getting the FPS of your application. Using the profiler itself will reduce the FPS. I would only use the profiler to see what is causing performance issues rather than to get an accurate reading of the FPS.

Instead I would suggest using a custom script to get the FPS. I normally use this one:

Also, make sure you have V Sync disabled for this as V Sync will alter the FPS to match your moniter refresh rate giving an inaccurate result.