How to get game on the web?

I have a website and a server. I uploaded the .html and the .unity3d files to my server but I cannot run my game from the url. I only get the Unity logo (when I run the game locally, it works fine in my browser).

I need to share this game with a client. I need a simple solution to post this game to the web like a .swf file. How can I get the flash export for Unity 4.0? Is there another way to post to the web? Is there a site that will let me upload the unity web player file and then embed it into my own webpage?

There has to be something wrong with your hoster. Can you access the unity3d file on your webspace? Have you tried entering the url of your unity3d file? I’ve uploaded tons of webplayer examples on my dropbox account. Dropbox offers a public folder, so everything you put in the public folder is available from the internet without restrictions.

Here are some examples:

They usually work pretty well. Note that dropbox doesn’t even provide any special webserver functions.

Hosting Unity webplayers is also trivially easy. Usually what goes wrong is that the server is not configure to serve up the unity3d file. You’ll need to make sure that files of this type are permitted. What I do when I am testing this for people is to use curl which is a command line tool, and independent of any browser of Unity. If curl can fetch the unity3d file, then the web server is configured correctly. If curl cannot get it, and the server returns a 404 or something, then the server needs some attention. If you want to post the URL of your server I’ll check it out for you. (Although of course I understand if it’s confidential and you cannot share the link.)