How to get GPS/Location data on Windows Phone 8?


I’m looking to get the GPS/Location services data on a Windows Phone 8 device. I have a script that checks for Input.location.isEnabledByUser but it always returns false. Location Services is enabled on the phone, I can successfully deploy to the phone and other apps on the phone can correctly use location services. I’ve also run my script on an Android device and it correctly returns true and reports the position.

Any idea what I could be missing here?

I’m running Unity 4.5.5.


Managed to solve it here : link text

Managed to solve this for Windows
Phone 8.1 apps. WP 8 doesn’t seem to
have full support for this and is

First, ensure Location settings are
enabled on your device.

Then go the Player Settings, in the
Unity Editor and select Windows Store
App. Then go to Publishing Settings,
scroll to the bottom and go to
Capabilities. Check the box next to

Next time you build and run your app
on the device, it should give you a
prompt about whether you give
permission to use Location services.
Press yes and you should now have it