How to get InputField Text from prefabClone?

I have a prefab that is instantiated when I mouseDown
On the prefab I have button that opens an InputField, I enter Text and Save it to a json file.
I am trying to get the Prefabs InputField Text that I set so I can write it to the file, but it keeps failing

I can see the Prefab > InputField Text field is empty, but the Prefab(Clone) has the Name in the Text field

On the prefab is a script and i have the following:

public InputField input and then I drag the InputField on to the script variable in Unity Component

string str = inputField.text; is always NULL and it is null on the Prefab, but in the clone it is populated.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, but any info needed, I will try my best to give out.

Its a bit difficult to tell what the problem may be, but I’m guessing its a reference issue. You mentioned having a script on your prefab. That script should have reference to the input field. When you create an instance of your prefab you can do a GetComponent() to get a reference to the script on that prefab. With that reference you should be able to get the text that is inputted into the input field. I created a small example project for this. Take a look and see if it helps.

Thank you.
I will check out the project.