How to get license for the Covid-19 offer of Unity premium?

How to get the license for the Covid-19 offer of Unity premium?

  1. You need to be an actively studying student. (i think… i saw the free Unity pro as a student offer)
  2. You need a student email adress like surname.lastname@uni.xy
  3. You need to verify your unity account as a student to get Unity Pro/ Learn Premium
  4. Go to Unity Learn Premium
    -there you should already see some Covid-19 banners or popups.
  5. Click on the banners or the blue “Start Now”
    -this should redirect you to a site where you login/verify your unity student status. I personally have a verified student GitHub account (useful for GitHub Pro) , which helped to immediately verify as a student. The github account option was shown there as well. (not sure about whats shown on the websites because i cant recreate it since i already have it)
  6. After successfully verifing as a student and signing up for Unity Pro, you will recieve an email stating your Unity Pro / Unity Learn Premium membership and a License Key.
  7. Go to your Unity Hub, there, log into your Unity Account. Then Settings->License Management-> select the fitting button for entering your license key.
  8. Your Unity is now already unlocked for Pro! Enjoy your dark theme!
  9. Don’t forget to visit Unity Learn Premium to check out the now unlocked courses, tutorials etc. (The website will now be in dark theme and show the Unity Learn Premium logo)
  10. Leave me a like if this helped or drop a comment for questions. :wink: