How to get local players?

So I have my two player objects for Unity’s new networking system. I’ve got my Lobby Player and my Game Player objects set up with the LobbyManager. What I can’t figure out is how to find the references to these Player objects within the uNet framework.

I mean, I could go a roundabout way and just have my Player objects register themselves with another of my scripts to keep track of them, but I would really prefer to do it directly through the framework.

So yeah, how do I refer to these Lobby Player and Game Player objects?

You could use 2 arrays, 1 is for NetworkPlayers, another for gameObjects. Fill networkplayers using function OnPlayerConnected, another when it instantiates prefabs. Example of OnPlayerConnected:

var nPArray : Array;
var goArray : Array;
var spawn : Transform;
var yourPrefab : GameObject;

function Start(){
        nPArray = new Array(NetworkPlayer);
        //if above doesn't work use
        //nPArray = new Array();

        goArray = new Array(GameObject);
        //if above doesn't work use
        //goArray = new Array();

function OnPlayerConnected(player: NetworkPlayer) {

Code when player creates a prefab:

function createSomePrefab(){
      var go : GameObject = Network.Instantiate(yourPrefab, spawn.position, spawn.rotation, 0);

function sendID(id : NetworkViewID){

I am just a bit unsure if it will work correctly when 2 players will connect at almost the same time