how to get material/texture/UV mapping from blender to unity

how to 1

how to 2

youtube how to 1

youtube how to 2 - I’ve finally managed to do textures in blender correctly

yes yes yes ty just grab texture and put it in unity but HOW to grab it where to grab it

ok the 2. seems easiest to follow:

  1. Create a folder in your Unity project named “Textures”. (DONE)
  2. Import textures into that folder. (HOW? with what.)
  3. Create material in Blender. (DONE)
  4. Grab texture from “Textures” folder. (it’s empty)
  5. Assign texture to material. (can probably do it IF I would have it in folder)
  6. Link material with model. (same as 5)

I’ll probably need some help for animation too but atm I’m focusing on textures

also if I press render picture in blender it works so I have done UV mapping correctly and materials.

I went from this and managed only to get double sided plane and that in blender now I get textures with rendering I didn’t have that before and I’ve correctly made materials and texture wrapping in blender

When it says “Import textures into that folder” it means copy whatever images you used to texture your Blender model into the Unity project folder.

This means textures you use have to be images (JPEG, PNG, etc. that kind).

Can’t use the built-in ones that Blender has (Wood, Noise, Cloud, etc.). Though you could probably convert built-in textures into images by using the “baking textures” feature in Blender.

OH I have to Copy JPG (I used at blender to texture the opbject) to that folder I thought if I do that it’ll not know how to wrap the object

so I’ve done textureing

for animation I had to set:

  • at Project tab

    • at Rig tab (animation type (Legacy)) (without this it doesn’t work at all)
    • at animations tab (wrap mode (loop))

so my Q is solved now sigh