How to get mouse cordinates on mouse click on the screen

im building Bubbles game, i need to detect mouse click event on screen and to project a Bubble from the center of the buttom of the screen,to the clicking point, i got no problem with creating the momvent once i know the cordinates.

How do i detect the clickng event and how do i translate it to the world cordinates?

The function you are looking for is:


This will allow you to convert a position from screen space to world space. Now you need to take the screen space of the mouse and convert that like so:

camera.ScreenToWorldPoint( Input.mousePosition );

In order to detect that event you can listen to it in an update function like so:

void Update(){

   if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1")) {
     currentMouseClickWorldSpace = camera.ScreenToWorldPoint( Input.mousePosition );

var cameraloc:Camera;
var mousePos:Vector3;
var worldPos:Vector3;
cameraloc = GameObject.Find(“Camera”).GetComponent(Camera);
mousePos = Input.mousePosition;
worldPos = cameraloc.ScreenToWorldPoint(mousePos);
This will return a world position of the place where you clicked, it works except you have to manually set the z axis.

worldPos.z = .....

You can do this in OnGUI () with
if (Event.current.type == EventType.MouseDown)
Vector2 pos = Event.current.mousePosition ;

or in Update () with
if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown())
Vector2 pos = Input.mousePosition ;

in some situation, you may have to invert the Y component
pos.y = Screen.height - pos.y ;

Hope this helps.