How to get new text from this?

var letterPause = 0.2;
var word = "Test"; // change this one in the inspector
private var currentWord = "";

function Start () {
    TypeText (word);

function AddText(newText : String) {
    word = newText;

private function TypeText (compareWord : String) {
    for (var letter in word.ToCharArray()) {
        if (word != compareWord) break;
        currentWord += letter;
        yield WaitForSeconds (letterPause);
        //for added fun, use this instead :D ...
        //yield WaitForSeconds(letterPause * Random.Range(0.5, 2));

This script was from the other thread I am using it for my game but I don't know if it should be able to redraw again when I want to make it display another messages. So any one please help out here?

I fixed that problem from wiki scripts ah Thanks.

Surely you just call AddText(newText) when you want it to display another word?