How to get Objects, Rotation?

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to track objects Z rotation, through ChassieRotation = transform.eulerAngles.z;, but it’s got several problems:

1st problem: When I start project, transform.eulerAngles.z; returns strange value -7.017183e-15.
That’s makes me sad.

2nd problem: transform.eulerAngles.z; returns different value, as object’s Z rotation. I need to catch rotation on - 90.

How can I get actual object’s Z rotation value?

And What is this mysterious value -7.017183e-15?

( video : How to get Object Rotation? - YouTube )

the pictures you posted are showing correct outputs. -7.017183e-15 is basically 0.00000000000007. while -90 is also basically 270 because -90 plus 360 is 270. the e-15 means the decimal place has been moved 15 spaces.