How to get offset position to rotated object

I’m really struggling to get my head aroud this.

I have an object which is used to determine the target destination for a group of characters.
I want each character to go that target with a minor offset.

I place the target object at 5, 0, 5. (World Space)
The transform of the target is rotated 45 on the Y.

I’d like to have say two characters move that target with an offset:
First character: (0.75, 0, 0.75)
Second character: (-0.75, 0, 0.75)

I should be trying to get:

(5, 0, 6.06066) for the first character

(6.06066, 0, 5) for the second character

How do get the world position for the new target destination?

I thought I could add the offset to the local position of the transform but that doesn’t work.
I’ve tried using the transorm.InverseTransformDirection but it only seems to work for one axis and not both.

I’d appreciate any help anyone can provide. I’d rather not having to resort to using game objects for every single character’s unit position to move towards if I can help it.

Managed to finally find the solution.

Vector3 positionOffset = new Vector3 (0.75f, 0.0f, 0.75f);

Vector3 targetDestination =  destinationObject.transform.TransformPoint(positionOffSet);

I hope this is of some help to someone.