How to get OnTriggerEnter effect without using isTriggered on Collider?

I did not set is Triggered on any of my two colliders, they both have rigid-bodies with Is-kinematic unchecked.

Now say I want to reset the other collider’s position that collides with my collider, is it possible?

I know it can be done, if one of colliders have isTriggered checked.
and using OnTriggerEnter() function.

but that way one of my collider just passes through other colliders.
like this:
I tried this code with above settings ,(i.e IsTriggered unchecked on both collider). but it does not work.

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision other)
          if(other.gameObject.tag == this.gameObject.tag)
            //reset this object position

In this case, the object that you want to receive the collision should be non-kinematic, and the collider is trigger collider. [this is the ball at the bottom I assume]

The object that will trigger the collision should be non-kinematic, and the collider is NOT a trigger collider. [this is the ball that is falling I assume]

Remember, only ONE of them can be an isTrigger set to true.

Use a simple Debug.Log(“here”); to check if there’s any collision.

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) {
	if(other.tag == GetComponent<Transform>().tag)

I tried this in my own test-box and it works perfectly. Make sure to mark this as solved if it answers your problem! :slight_smile: