How to get OnTriggerEnter working over a network

I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I am working on my first networked game. I have an object that with the OnTriggerEnter void on it. When I enter the trigger radius - the debug.log message is not appearing on the console, clearly suggesting I am missing something.

If anyone can help it is greatly appreciated. Here is my code. The object in question has a rigidbody and is Kinematic. The IsTrigger box is ticked and it also has a Network View component attached to it.

The RPC stuff that uses the spacebar works fine. I’m just not sure how to use OnTriggerEnter when using a network.

void Update () {
			networkView.RPC("test", RPCMode.All);

	void OnTrigggerEnter(Collider other) {
		networkView.RPC("test", RPCMode.AllBuffered);
	void test (NetworkMessageInfo info){
		Debug.Log("Test " + info.sender.ipAddress);

Looks like a standard trigger problem to me. Are you saying the “hello” doesn’t even fire?

Don’t think OnTriggerEnter works “over a network” (what would that even mean?) and doesn’t need to. It just checks for things on this machine. Suppose computer B sees player 2 move into a trigger. Maybe player 2 was spawned using Network.Instantiate. Maybe it’s only moving because of automatic mirroring, using the network. Those are boring details to computer B. Player 2 still moved into the trigger, just like anything else.

I cant believe this. haha please excuse my humanity here - i had trigggerEnter instead of triggerEnter. Its all working fine now.