How to get parabolic trajectory when velocity, height and pitching spot is know ???

I want to calculate parabolic trajectory of a ball by providing height, pitching spot , and speed values. If I change these values the angle should change accordingly. The ball should be delivered from the height mentioned and pitch on the spot marked by the user and travel at the speed given by the user, so what will be the trajectory of the ball ?? So I need to calculate trajectory… please help asap

here some math formulas for you.
for calculating the time of flight: h = 1/2gt^2 (h = Height in meters, g = gravity constant (aprox. 9.8) , t = time of flight)

Landing distance : d = V*t (with no friction, V = velocity)

with this formulas you can calculate anything you want.

for further calculations you can use princibles of law of conservation of energy.
for example, your balls starting energy must be equal its landing energy.

means : At Starting: your total energy is : “Ep = mgh” + “Ek = 1/2mV^2” (m = mass of Ball)

at the and your potantial energy will be Zero . that means 1/2mVe^2 = Ep+Ek (Ve = landing velocity)

you can calculate Your landing velocity like this.

now you can find any trajectory point at any given time and draw a line from it.
you can calculate how much time needed your ball for landing.
and what is its landing velocity.

converting all this to a code is a bit more tricky. if you need help about the. just ask it.

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