How to get print to transfer to a GUI Text?

I'm working on a script for printing details and such but I'm new to unity and dont get how to transfer print and variables to GUI Text. Please help? I am looking for java script..

Here is what I have for now.

   var inputkey1 = "1";
var inputkey2 = "2";
var inputkey3 = "3";
var inputkey4 = "4";
var inputmessage1 = "Dont Put the same inputer key in 2";
var inputmessage2 = "or it will print both lines at once!";
var inputmessage3 = "This is what inputkey3 will say!";
var inputmessage4 = "This is what inputerkey4 will say!";

function Update ()
   { Print ( inputmessage1 ); }

   else if(Input.GetKeyDown(inputkey2))
   { Print ( inputmessage2 ); }

   else if(Input.GetKeyDown(inputkey3))
   { Print ( inputmessage3 ); }

   else if(Input.GetKeyDown(inputerkey4))
   { Print ( inputmessage4 )); }

If you guys know how to make it transfer the messages to a GUI Text through any way that would be awesome and I would gravely appreciate it!

JS syntax is not my best, but the gist of it is:

private var gt : GUIText;

function Start()
  gt = GetComponent(GUIText);
  if( gt == null ) Debug.Log("No GUIText component found");

Then to change the text:

gt.text = inputmessage1;  // or whatever

Note that you don't technically have to get the reference to the GUIText component in Start, but that way you don't have to find it every time you need it. Not as critical in this situation, but good practice.