How to get Real-Time Light on Static Lightmap?

I’m on unity 5.1.0f3 personal.

I’ve set up my scene with all lights set to be baked only. Then I add my spotlight (flashlight) and set it to real-time only. I’ve turned off precomputed realtime GI because I don’t think I need it. I finally hit the bake button and everything looks great, however my flashlight isn’t affecting any part of the static scene.

I know the flashlight works because when I throw in a default cube, it gets lit. How do I make it so I can have the beauty of the statically baked lightmap, and give my flashlight the ability to light up the dark spots?

You can just delete your old light and add the new. If your light was static and baked in LMPS you never get the realtime.
By the way. Use albedo color change. Use the ambient lighting for realtime change darkness, not for bake.
It is stupid, but its just unity engine for schoolboys.