How to get rid of purple/yellow/blue shine on game objects and terrain?

When ever i paint terrain or texture an object in unity it gets this weird distorted purple blue and yellow shine to it and even when i turn off anything that would give shine it is still there. Even without a light source it still gives off this weird shine.
Image: C:\Users homa\OneDrive\Documents\Screenshot (5).png

First of all it would be useful to have an actual screenshot. Instead of copying the route to the image’s location in your PC, press the little icon shaped like a photo above the message you’re writing (in this case make a new comment or just edit your current one). It is the 7th icon starting from the left in the top bar while you’re writing a message, then use the button there to find the location of your image and upload it. Then the image will be visible. Or just upload it to a web like

Your description, though, sounds like a problem with materials or something like that, but some visual aid would be helpful.