how to get rid of the square sides on my donut like normal map wave!?

Hi, sorry the question is a bit complicated, couldnt find much online, essentially i need help removing the image quality out of my normal map and instead of a square image with a donut like sphere in the middle, i want the donnut alone, i would be GREATFUL! if anyone could, help i really want to learn this! currently im guessing where i need to look is into shaders, but learning that is fine, but cant really find the right tutorial, :frowning: im currently studying the shader that comes with unity named glass shader in the FX directory, i still am not sure how exactly to pull it off.

soo yeah lol, incase that wasnt clear ill try sum it up again :P: i want a displacement wave, i managed it, but at a cost, very unprofessional square lol, i need a way to HIDE this square or to not include it and instead jump to the actual waveyness im lookin for!

thanks a lot for the answers!

Hello all, the quality normal map helps, sure there is probably a better way to get it completely perfect, but for now, i have managed to pretty much lower the squareness to a point of almost none, using a better quality normal map, the distortion is none on the square and emphasis on the donut is strong, ill put pictures here: here is the bad one i made with that crazy bump, i thin kits more 3d, what i did was too the donut and cut around it and added purple behind it:
bad one lol: (more 3d than 2d):

here is the good one:

so, any how, as you can see the less that rainbos nonesense the more the quality is 2d for 2ds! im sure there are countless ways to perfect this, essentially coding in sahders, sounds SSOOO COOL lol, some batman arkham effects, its really fun, but for now i can avoid getting too deep into shaders, but in future i would definetly recommend it, make some AAA titles :smiley: