How to get rigidbodies to slide past each other?

So basically I have 2 rigidbodies (capsule colliders, non-kinematic) that are walking around an environment. When they collide with each other they both just stop / get stuck. I want them to do what the Character Controller does, which is sort of slide past each other, especially when they aren’t even walking straight into each other). I don’t want to use the more-expensive Character Controller however.

Can this be achieved using Physics Materials? I only see one set of values, I don’t see a way to necessarily adjust just the enemy-to-enemy interaction. Is a better approach to have a separate child collider, on a unique layer that only collides with itself, and then put THAT on a special physics material?

Thanks for the help!

I dont know if this works but i have just created a Physics Material 2D, then set everything to 0 and this set to every thing my Player could touch like walls. And then my Player just slides down the wall, just try it and dont forget to set it to both rigidbodies!

Ok, I’ve been struggling with this for awhile, but apparently found the culprit to be a ridiculously high value for gravity (which must’ve been set a long time ago and worked around with the various forces I use…since I have no idea what a normal force would be to push a particular object).

Anyway, problem solved! They slide now like they should have!

So to clarify: Normal gravity, no friction whatsoever, and a reasonable drag and trial-and-error force to push them…all of that did the trick.