How to get screen relative position in multi-display environment?

Hello guys! This is mi first question on this site - I’m working with Unity since 2018, but my last problem make me feel so helpless.

I’m working on multi-display application, where each display is separated canvas and camera attached to each target display.

There is six displays workstation:
![alt text][1]

Application is working in fullscreen mode on three displays, in three separated windows, ie 2, 0 and 4 - Display*.Activate() etc…*
On some event I need to move mouse cursor position to confirmation button, which can be on any of canvas - all settings comming from XML config file.
For example: User cause event by mouse on screen 2, then comfirmation box in on screen 0 - I need to move cursos from current position to YES button.
![alt text][2]
And - **what is the clue to get position of canvas element (image renderer) relative to multi-display grid? **
Of course, They can be negative if confirmation box is on left to primary screen.
I tried to use GetMonitorInfo() from user32.dll, but it returns all displays in different order - for example display no. 5 in Unity and Windows Setting is on 3rd position in array :confused:


Bump, I’m stuck in this situation too