How to get sensor(e.g. accelerometer) input from external device(phone and similar) to PC Unity editor?

Lets say I wanted to make a game for smartphone and for movement or anything else use input from accelerometer, which is fine as long as the app runs on phone but how can I test the input from phone when creating the app on PC?

I was trying to look for app that would stream the sensor data via wifi/bluetooth. but have no idea how to use these data inside unity or if there is any other way to simulate phone movement or actually get the input from live device into the pc editor so it would work asi if the app was build and ran on the device itself.

Thanks for suggestions

The only way to get the data from your phone to your PC is by using a debug.log with the data you want from the phone. On the phone download unity remote connect then do everything it says and make sure USB debugging is enabled and that your phone is plugged into your PC.

Let me know if you need any help.
Hope this helps!

Is It maybe possible to use input module by catching UDP command put on a webpage on the same LAN while Unity is listening?