How to get server its hostdata.GUID without unity's master server?

I am using steam to track all my game its servers.
But I use unity’s networking for all the other networking stuff.

For NAt punchtrough to work network.Connect needs a IP, port and GUID in the HostData class. (not sure if anything else there is required.)

So how do I get my server its GUID, when not using
HostData[] hostData = MasterServer.PollHostList();

Can I get networkPlayer.GUID from the server player?
(Then store in somehow in steam its masterserver and retrieve it that way on the client)

Ok after writing all this, perhaps the short version of this question is:
Is the hostData .GUID from retrieved from MasterServer.PollHostList(); the same as networkPlayer.GUID of the hosting player?

Having issues with wrapper for steam to get the steam masterserver working.
But once I do, I will have to use steamworks its networking to get the server his networkPlayer.GUID and send it using steamworks networking to the clients, then unity’s networking can take over and create a connection.