How to get started learning how to use Unity?

I looked at some Unity videos and documentations and I still don’t get it. I need a good guide. I bought myself these books to try to help me: Unity 3. x Game Development by Example Beginner’s Guide by Ryan Henson Creighton (2011, Paperback, New Edition) and Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself by Mike Geig (2013, Paperback). Can you recommend me any Unity books, videos, websites or guides to help me how to learn Unity?

BurgZergArcade’s Hack’n’Slash tutorial series is fairly popular. That being said, I only watched the first few episodes to get a basic understanding of writing code, and then preceeded to search for tutorials that were close to what ‘I’ wanted to do, and started customizing these.

My Friend, I have been learning Unity for the last 3 weeks. I have been ingesting large quantities of videos. I recomend you to do the same.

Apart from this resource that you have allready sought, my other way of learning is the reference and the answers. Google is also a good ally. :smiley:

here are some that I liked.