How to get the Cascaded Shadows' split spheres positions?


In order to compute the directional cascaded shadows in a shader (as in Internal-PrePassCollectShadows.shader or UnityCG.cginc) we need several informations easily findable through the QualitySettings class.
Except that I cannot figue out how to get the split sphere positions or how to compute them.

I need them to create an VFX in compute shader and declaring “float4 unity_ShadowSplitSpheres[4];” does not work.

Thank you very much in advance!


Apparently it is impossible at the current state as unity does not give you access to most of the uniform properties it passes to cginc in C#. Current state of unity is very bad when it comes to compute shaders, there is a need to write all the CPU intensive calculations twice if you want to have practically any modern compute shader based graphics effects.