How to get the childrens tag from the parent GameObject?

Hey Unity community
I’m currently working on a RPG game, but I ran into the problem of having multiple tags, so I created empty gameobjects and gave them the other tag, but now I need to access the child of a gameobject, and I looked it up, but didn’t seem to get the answer I needed

here’s my code:
var turnTable : GameObject;

// then I add the values to the turnTable

//and here I need to access the tag of the child, currently it’s just accessing the gameobjects tag

if(calcSpd.turnTable[0].tag == “Player”){


That’s a good question: after searching around, I concluded that a Transform doesn’t allow direct access to its children array! You can iterate through all children using for (like @DaveA suggested), but there’s no such a thing like transform.children[].

If you have several objects childed to every turnTable element, and need to find the ones tagged Player (or other particular tag), you can use this:

    for (var child in turnTable[0].transform){
        if (child.tag == "Player"){
            // Player found, and child is its transform
            // do whatever you want with this object