How to get the consolidated data from unity analytics

I have levels in the game and each level has 20 stages. In Unity analytics, Can anyone please tell me how to get a consolidated data of how many player have died in each stage.
For example:-
I want to see the no of deaths in 3rd stage between march 2017 and april 2017.

And can i have customized x and y axis ie x axis showing level no and y axis showing no of deaths??

Hi Tsondhi,

You can do this with Standard events. Create a function like the one shown below and call it when the player dies. This function will send the “level_fail” event and include the current scene index or level number.

public void SendLevelFailedEvent(int levelNumber)

Once you have these events coming in, you can use the Data Explorer to show a graph of how many players died/failed in each level.

I hope this was helpful.