How to get the current "best fit" size of a Text component?

So the title is the question. I’m using the new UI system, and i cant seem to get the current size of the font when it is in “best fit” mode.

I tried to get the property “fontSize”, however, that size is not the currect one if its in the best fit mode.

Alright, i just figured it out myself.
Its in Text.cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit

if you need to get the size the same frame that you set it you can use.

text.text = "The text you want";
Vector2 size = (text.transform as RectTransform).rect.size;
TextGenerationSettings tempSettings = text.GetGenerationSettings(size);
tempSettings.scaleFactor = 1;//dont know why but if I dont set it to 1 it returns a font that is to small.
if(!text.cachedTextGenerator.Populate(textVal, tempSettings))
	Debug.LogError("Failed to generate fit size");
text.resizeTextMaxSize = text.cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit;

Here’s my trick:

private int mFontMaxAtual;
		public int mBuggedSize;
		public int mCorrectFont;

		public int fontSizeAtual;

		// Use this for initialization
		void Awake ()
				mFontMaxAtual = GetComponent<Text> ().resizeTextMaxSize;
		// Update is called once per frame
		void Update ()
				fontSizeAtual = GetComponent<Text> ().cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit;

				if (fontSizeAtual == mBuggedSize) {
						GetComponent<Text> ().resizeTextMaxSize = mCorrectFont;
				} else {
						GetComponent<Text> ().resizeTextMaxSize = mFontMaxAtual;
				print (GetComponent<Text> ().cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit);