How to get the first person controller to collide with an animated object?

I have a spinning blade in my game and the when the first person controller touches the animated blade. it doesn’t collide with the blade therefore it doesn’t move. can anyone tell how to fix this?

you would need to create your own script to move your player. if your using the pre made character controller script then it will not work because character controller does t use gravity all it uses is detection if there are objects in front of it or below therefore it does t use gravity to move. one of the ways to do that is to make your own script that useses rigidbody to move but this is going to use more processing power.

this is my java script:


var moveSpeed : float;
var rotateSpeed : float;
var jumpHeight : float;

function Update () {


so if your new to unity then look for your project panel and there should be a button named create click it and then click on javascript. this will create a new java script open it and paste the code above