How to get the game data to the Web (webgl or webplayer)

I do not speak English so well received with the help of the translator
Under he wrote as the original Korean(Hangul).

English(only translator)

Create a shooter that operates on the Web.

Users must join the game in the web and in the web.

After the game is to score Unity (web player or webgl) would like to go beyond the web.

Originally I tried not to go back to work as Chrome Web Player has decided to work with webgl.

I heard that there is a way to send data (JSON?) To the web in a web player , please tell us what to do to send the data from the web webgl.

If there is no way in webgl thank you to tell us how to send any web player.

English(My English and translator)

i make web shootinggame.

member register is to web.

game is to unity (web player or webgl).

after game > Score goes to the Web .

It receives a score on the Web.

and use score for ranking page in web.

but I do not know how to score in the web player web.

In addition, the web player now does not run on Chrome!

i want use webgl. I have figured out how to spend your score on the Web gl web.

Tell us what should not send your score to the Web in which Web gl.

If there is any way I want , tell the Web as a way to send data from a Web player.


웹에서 동작하는 슈팅게임을 만들고 있습니다.

사용자 가입은 웹으로 하고 웹안에서 게임을 합니다.

게임은 유니티(웹플레이어 또는 webgl)로 한 후 점수는 웹으로 넘어가게 하고 싶습니다.

원래는 웹플레이어로 작업을 하려고 했으나 크롬에서 돌아가지 않아 webgl로 작업하기로 했다.

웹플레이어에서 웹으로 데이터(JSON?)를 보내는 방법이 있다고 들었는데 webgl에서 웹으로 데이터를 보내려면 어떻게 해야하는지 알려주세요.

webgl에서 방법이 없다면 웹플레이어에 보내는 방법이라도 알려주시면 감사합니다.

Search “Unity Jslib” you will get what you need .
Or refer to this page