How to get the Height of Android keyboard(unity 3d plugin or code) ?

I want to have special input field for my virtual keyboard , as follow:

Left picture is my case input field that has sticker and send button.

1- We cannot Change in input field in unity software and android export ( whether friends know some ways for android build setting ?)

2- Designing input field by input field gui or text field gui . I have some problem with it .
First problem is that unity for taking keyboard height on screen keyboard introduce following code in mobile system :


This code is done for ios not for android and its value is always zero .

If there is any plugin for receiving height (right picture)?

After several searching I find following links. Apparently this problem is solving in this site. But how we can introduce this plugin or codes in unity. Because the codes are android ?

Second problem is that why what is type by keyboard and present in input keyboard is different with input field GUI ? ( such as typing from right to left for Persian and Arabic and Hebrew )

IS there any way for format equality for typing in GUI and main input field ?

Probably to late for the OP. But for anyone else using google then this thread over here had an answer that worked for me.