How to get the individual characters of a TextMesh?

Hello, I want to make a very simple effect with my text were all the letters in a text move randomly. I saw that if you use the TextMesh component to render your text, it cuts every character in your text into individual rectangles, is there a way I can get those rectangles so that I can move them around?

Thank you.

You cannot access the individual characters in a single text mesh as individual objects and manipulate their transforms.

To accomplish what you want, I would do 1 of 2 things:

  1. If I want the moving to be fluid, I would have each letter be a separate gameObject/TextMesh component, and create a class to hold the intended phrase, the letters of the phrase as separate gameobjects, and animate the gameobjects as desired.

  2. If by move randomly you mean some kind of scrambling, and the scrambling can happen in flash, you could just change textMeshComponent.text in an update;