How to get the keyboard/OS capsLock state?

When running the sample provided at Unity - Scripting API: Event.capsLock
it appears that this accessor only returns true, when the capsLock key is currently depressed. Obviously, I can keep track of this myself, but I still need the starting on/off state.

Is there any way to get the actual capsLock state of the keyboard/OS? Meaning:

get a True value if the capsLock indicator for the keyboard is ON.

get a False value, if it’s OFF.

You can use Windows form or windows input to check states of Capslock, numlock or scrolllock:

using System.Windows.Input;
using System.Windows.Forms;

bool capsLockState = Control.IsKeyLocked (Keys.CapsLock);

As far as I know, I dont think that is possible natively, but here is a hacky way of doing it, assuming the user atleast presses one button, you can do this:

    void OnGUI()
        Event e = Event.current;

        //below I am checking if a key is pressed,
            //then if the key is a character
                //and then remove the shift causing inversion of problem
        if (e.isKey & e.character != char.MinValue &!e.shift)
            string UpperChar = e.character.ToString().ToUpper();
            if (UpperChar == e.character.ToString())
                Debug.Log("Capslock on");
                Debug.Log("Capslock off");