How to get the layer mask value of a SerializedProperty?

For example, my MonoBehaviour class has a LayerMask instance and I need access it from a custom editor class. So I’m using serializedObject.FindProperty(“myProperty”). But how can I access the layerMask value inside this property?

class MyClass
LayerMask myLayerMask;

class EditorClass
layerMaskprop = serializedObject.FindProperty(“myLayerMask”);
Debug.Log($“LayerMask value is {layerMaskProp.somethingIDontKnow}”); // I don’t know what to call


@dartlinggun I hope you already found the answer. But those who are coming here in future this may help them. Layermask values are basically Int values.
So in the above example you can get the layer mask value like -

SerializedProperty layermaskSP  = serializedObject.FindProperty("myLayerMask"); 
Debug.Log( "LayerMask value is " + layermaskSP.intValue);