how to get the mesh details from a gameobject with multiple meshes

I have a gameobject whnever clicked on the gameobject i should get the mesh details like name of mesh at that position of the gameobject

When you select a GameObject you don’t see any details about a Mesh that might be related to that gameobject. A GameObject has to have either a MeshRenderer / MeshFilter pair or a SkinnedMeshRenderer. The MeshFilter as well as the SkinnedMeshRenderer have a public variable which references the actual mesh asset that is used by this object. You can click once on that variable field and Unity will highlight the mesh in the project panel. You can double click that variable to select the actual mesh object in which case you see the details of that mesh.

If you mean “other details” you should be more clear in your question. Maybe the object / mesh you’re looking for is located on a child object? Again, your question doesn’t provide much information…