How to get the mouse X and Y compared with center of screen


I need to be able to get the X and Y position of the mouse relative to the center of the screen, but when I use “Input.GetAxis(“Mouse X”)” and “Input.GetAxis(“Mouse Y”)”, it seems to reset and it gives the the position relative to the position of the mouse in the last frame and it’s not very smooth. Here is the code by the way, it’s supposed to make the camera center on the target but make it so you can look around with the mouse too (it’s a 2D platform game):

#pragma strict

var target:Transform;

function Update () {

transform.position = target.position + Vector3(0,1,-10) + Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Mouse X"),Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y"),0);


Why not just subtract half the screen size? The default origin of Screen space is lower left, and you want coordinates in a system whose origin is screen center, so an input coordinate of (x,y) = (0,0) should really be (x,y) = (-0.5fScreen.width, -0.5fScreen.height), right?

Just do that subtraction and you’re good to go.