How to get the pivot point in a script?

Hi, how can I get the pivot point of an object in a script? The pivot point was set using Maya. Rotating the object in Unity (from script) rotates it indeed around the pivot (so it was exported correctly). Thanks in advance!

There's not really any distinction between the pivot point of an object's mesh, and the object's position itself. The mesh's pivot point is the same thing as the object's position, for each object which is rendering a mesh, so what you seem to be looking for (unless I've misunderstood) is transform.position

Generally, when you adjust the pivot point of a mesh in a 3d app, what's actually going on is that the object position is being moved, and positional data for all the vertices in the mesh is being adjusted in the opposite direction to compensate, so that the actual mesh remains in the same place in world-space.

For this reason, Unity has no concept of a 'pivot point' aside from the object's position - you can't adjust an object's pivot point in unity, unless you edit the vertex positions of the object's mesh data using scripting, or use a parent object to achieve this instead.