How to get the right Collider component?

I have a box with two Box Colliders attached: one of them acts as a trigger, and the other one acts as a physic collider.
I want to access the non-trigger collider, but I can’t figure out how to, as both have the same name.

Any ideas?

You could have a script store the references to the two components like so:

public BoxColliderReferences: MonoBehaviour
     #region Assign in Inspector
     public BoxCollider nonTriggerCollider;
     public BoxCollider triggerCollider;

Make sure you assign both of them inside the inspector. To access the Colliders

BoxColliderReferences theColliders = GameObject.Find("MyObject").GetComponent<BoxColliderReferences>();

if(theColliders.nonTriggerCollider.isTrigger == false)
     Debug.Log("We are not a trigger");

Use GetComponents, then check each for each collider found if it is trigger.