How to get the Track and the Clip of a Timeline?

Hi all!

I’m trying to get a list of all the tracks and the clips time on those track from my timeline.

I’ve checked the web for a whole day now and found several API’s: TrackAsset, GetClip().start, GetClip().duration. Playable, PlayableAsset and more… they all give me some error in visual studio.

Is there a timeline expert in the crowed?
I’ve managed to get the playabelBinding and the sourceObject bind to that binding “track” but I can’t seem to do the leap towards what’s on the other side of the timeline (see pic. for reference).

The animation track with keys (i.e. infinite track) is a special case in timeline. There is actually no timeline clip on it, just an animation clip.

You can get the duration of the track using the duration property . There is no public API for getting the attached animation clip, but if you use SerializedObject and SerializedProperty, the animation clip reference is serialized under the “m_AnimClip” property name.