how to get the width and height of a Orthographic camera.

I think Unity’s GUI System is too awkward to handle, so I decided to develop my own GUI class.

Here is what I am doing, I am trying to use a orthographic camera to show the GUI assets, this camera’s near Clip is set to 0, and far Clip is set to 50, it means that it has 50 layers, yet I met a problem that I don’t know how to get the width and height of the camera.

I mean, I want to put GUI Assets like this
GUI_Asset.transform.position = new Vector3(GUI_Camera.width * positionX%, GUI_Camera.height * positionY%, layer);

so you can see I have to get the exact width and height of the camera if I want to set GUI assets this way…

anyone can help me? thank you very much!

If you’re sure that a particular camera is orthographic, you can find its width and height using its orthographicSize and aspect values.

The camera’s height is twice its orthographic size; you can find its width by multiplying its height by its aspect:

Camera cam = Camera.main;
float height = 2f * cam.orthographicSize;
float width = height * cam.aspect;

That not worked for me. I’ve in my camera script this function, which i call every update since the player can change resolution from GUI:

    //Get the camera's boxcollider

    var boxCollider = GetComponent(BoxCollider2D) as BoxCollider2D;

boxCollider.size.x = camera.aspect * 2f * camera.orthographicSize;
boxCollider.size.y = 2f * camera.orthographicSize;

The math changes a bit and its for camera collision with boundaries, but i think that if you use 2D orthographic camera that will be the same.