How to get USD in my Unity project?

How to get USD in my Unity project? Sound it is not available in the Package Manager. Can someone help me retrive?get it? I am using the latest version of Unity (2021.3.2f1). Thanks

Hi !

The current released USD plugin is experimental that's why you don't see it in the Package Manager.
To get it, in the package manager, select the "+" icon on the top left, select "add package by name" and enter: com.unity.formats.usd

This will get you USD 3.0.0-exp.2.


OK Great! Thanks! When will be release the real one?

Yeah this advice isn't in line with unity's blog posts and docs on the subject (for example here or here). As I always say, guys it really, really sucks every time I have to find a random forum post to figure out how to use Unity in some way because your docs are wrong or incomplete.

Hi @bfoddy

The documentation you link to is valid for the versions of Unity to which they refer. Starting with Unity 2021.1, the new Package lifecycle removes the “Preview” state for packages. As of 2021.1, the USD package is now “Experimental”. Experimental packages are governed by different rules than the previous “Preview” packages. You can read more about the differences here: Unity - Manual: Experimental packages

As this is the AR forum i wonder why nobody mentioned the obvious huge pitfall regarding USD and unity
Why is'nt there any runtime support on iOS or Android for the USD package

This is a serious oversight, considering the whole iOS ARKit/Scenekit stuff is literally build arround usd

Hi @spacefrog ,

While I'm unable to directly answer your question, Unity and Weta have been involved with the USD working group for some time now.

The USD working group is a public and open collaborative community if you want to follow the latest USD news. The most recent meeting minutes at time of writing are available at this link:

Any update about this topic?

Thank you

If you are asking regarding visionOS, please refer to the visionOS Discussions page:

If you are asking more broadly, "What is Unity's plan for USD?", I don't think anyone can give you an answer at this time. Certainly no one who moderates this forum.

This is a good news: