How to get values from JSON and makes array of GameObject

I have the 3D model of url in the JSON keyvalue then i used Boomlagoon to parsing the values from the url but when i use JSONObject it getting first data of the keyvalue only. How can i get all the values and make array of gameobject



StartCoroutine (JsonLoad3D("",""));

    IEnumerator JsonLoad3D ( string jsonURL, string targetID){
    		WWW www = new WWW (jsonURL);
    		yield return www;
     jsonText = www.text;
    	JSONObject json = JSONObject.Parse(jsonText);
    		//	if(type.Equals("3d")){
    			Debug.Log("3D Url load inside if is "+ url);
    			//Check if model is available in the scene 
    			modal = GameObject.Find (targetID);
    			if (!modal) { //fetch model from the URL
    				Debug.Log("3D !modal is "+ url);
    				loadingText = (GUIText)GameObject.Find ("LoadingText").GetComponent(typeof(GUIText));
    				loadingText.enabled = true;
    				var objData = ObjReader.use.ConvertFileAsync (url, true, standardMaterial);
    				Debug.Log("objData is "+ objData);
    				while (!objData.isDone) {
    					loadingText.text = "Loading... " + (objData.progress*100).ToString("f0") + "%";
    					yield return null;
    				loadingText.enabled = false;
    				string modelName = objData.gameObjects[0].name;
    				Debug.Log("modelName is "+ modelName);
    				modal = GameObject.Find (modelName); // find the model reference
    			 = targetID; // change the model name to targetID !!!
    			modalClone = Instantiate( modal ) as GameObject; //clone the model 
    		modalClone.transform.localScale += new Vector3(250,250,250);
    	     modalClone.transform.parent = imageTarget.transform;

Well, your “data” is not valid JSON. The file contains 2 objects seperated by a comma. It would be valid if it was enclosed in square brackets “”. In this case the parser should return an array where each element in the array contains one of the objects. So if you want to read your “data” as JSON it should be JSON. I haven’t seen a parser that would parse this