How to get Var from a obj

Hello I’m pretty new to Unity got pretty far so far following tutorials and researching information they is one thing I’m not understanding.

  1. I have a OBJ (honey pot) and I want make it so when my character goes near the OBJ and I press B on my xbox pad he gains 10+ life.

My Playerstats are coded out in Javascript and this is what I have so far, anyone wanna help me? :slight_smile:

'if(Input.GetKeyDown(“r”)) {

curHp += 10;’

I’m just not sure how I start off my javascript so it does this :frowning: also would they be a way of destroying the item once he has his 10 HP from it? as the demo I wanna do he goes around searching for items so this would come in handy at a future date.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I’m sure you’ll love my project once it is complete I’ve put allot of time and effort into it.

You could parent the honeypot within an empty game object, and all the empty would need is a trigger area (add collider, scale appropriately, and check the “is Trigger” check box) for how far away you can be standing from the honey pot to use this feature. then you just use the function OnTriggerStay (I’d check to make sure it’s the player staying in the trigger) then you run the check for input.