How to get vertex animation into Unity?

I'm trying to get an animated surface (like a constantly changing floor or a vortex surface) that is animated with its vertices into Unity (windows version) from Max 9.0 with the FBX exporter and .Max file. I;'ve tried both of them but the animation doesn't seem to be saved or it can't be read in Unity.

Moving the plane (a 6x6 plane with 64 vertices that move up and down) as a whole up and down is visible in Unity, but the 'sub-animation' is not... Any ideas on how to solve this?

The reason I want to do this is because I want to have a flat surface that transforms into an organic door, opening up for the hero.

Vertex animation isn't official supported by Unity yet, so you can't import vertex animations or morph targets directly.

However, unofficial support has been put together by certain memebers of the community using scripting, which basically takes the vertex positions from a number of different meshes as the positional data for the morph targets, and so the target mesh must have the same number of vertices laid out in the same order as the source mesh.

For more information and for the scripts, see this wiki page:

and this forum post:

MegaFiers will deal with the Vertex animation as well as morphing and all sorts of deformations. It has an exporter for Max and blender, you can find more info on the forums

You can try to export any animation from 3dsmax with this script !