How to give a shadow to the loaded model in force?

Hello, I’m a beginner to the Unity platform and am slowly learning how to use it.
I’ve almost worked out how to use lighting and other tools, but I’m having difficulties with my model’s light and shadows.

I’m currently accessing the project file zepeto studio unity - the playground unity file to access and load my character. It is meant to allow users to test the characters by loading them - for example, by entering their game ID and playing the scene to see their characters present.

I only wanted to put a shadow on this loaded figure using global light, focused light, and so on. However, regardless of whether I place a 3D item behind my character to see shadow reflection, check the quality settings (ultra, distances, etc.), or use the mesh filter mesh loader, it cannot see any shadow behind my character. I deleted and reinstalled all of the software, but there is still no shadow.

Is this because it is simply a loaded character model? Is the shadow still accessible anywhere? even if it is forced? Should the loaded character be converted into an asset, such as a mesh? I’m in need of assistance and wish I could obtain it here.


Unity works with components. We dont know what “project file zepeto studio unity” is and how is that scene configured.

But for shadows you need first, 1 source if light to CAST shadows, 2nd object to GENERATE shadows and 3rd object to RECIEVE shadows.

And all this 3 objects must have in its components configuration the shadow enables (Cast, generate, recieve).

When having problems. First way to try solve it is to read ALL ENTIRE Unity manual about that topic:

There are 2 ways: slow and safe or Fast and Fail.